Friday, 23 January 2015

How not to make a first impression

Today, I went to meet up with the head librarian of my local library. The book is coming out in ebook format next week and I still don’t know when the paperback will go live but I thought I’ll get the ball rolling for the printed copy.

I wasn’t really given a specific time by the other librarians I spoke to the other day so I thought I’d come around mid-morning. When I arrived I was greeted by one of the librarians I met before and he announced my arrival. The head librarian looked friendly and approachable when she turned up. She then led me to a quiet corner in the library where there were a couple of armchairs and a love seat around a wide table.

Then she invited me to sit down before she settled onto the love seat.

So, there I was thinking: Where should I sit? If I sit on the arm chair there’s that wide table between us and we’ll be forever reaching forward to each other and she might think I didn’t want to sit with her. Also, I’m a friendly girl.

Decision made: I sat on the love seat…and found that it wasn’t THAT wide enough for the 2 of us with me wearing my coat, shoulder bag and with her perched in the corner. But it was too late to move because she might think I didn’t want to sit with her!

Then what followed was just a joke after another: I didn’t know what to say...She wasn’t even smiling at me...Then she pointed to the word “savior” in the blurb of my book asking me "What that word was?" Me, being confused said “savior” when she said (sa-vee-or) then it clicked that she was looking for “saviour” which is the British way of spelling. Duh! So, I then explained that I have published with an American company.

When we finished I literally wanted to sink into the floor. The ship had sank before it even set sail :(

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