Thursday, 1 September 2016

I want to be reincarnated as Dory, the fish.

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Well, I want to be reincarnated as a fish. But being a fish like Dory would be even better!

Have you ever heard the saying: "Memory like a fish"?

A friend of mine told me once about a fish in a bowl. The fish would go around the bowl and see the castle and say "Oh, look! A castle!" then swim away and forget about the castle. Only to say "Oh look! A castle!" next time it goes past it again. And again. And again.

Before I go deeper into my ramblings, just know that I don't have a psychology degree and whatever I say can not be taken as gospel and has a warning attached to it.

Anyway, this latest rambling was brought on by a conversation in a group I belong to about mood and writing. Artist, whichever field they let their talents roam wild to, had been know to suffer from "moods" (I know it's much deeper than that but we'll just use that word instead). Strangely enough, they are most creative when these mood spells occur and they produce masterpieces.

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That made me wonder if I was in a mood when I wrote my first book. Dreamweavers is far from a masterpiece but you get my drift. Now looking back, I don't think I was in a mood. What I was in, I would probably call "over-whelmed". Life was so full-on and I needed to find a way to divert my mind away from real life otherwise it might become too much.

However, that's not the point behind this rambling. My point is: Why is life too much? As another set of people say: Nobody's coming out of this alive. so, we should all just chill out and enjoy life as long as we can, right?

Now, you and I know that is easier said than done. Why? Because everyone is addicted to "what's next?" It's in our bones. Ingrained into our brains from the time we were babies. It's an addiction of a lifetime and it's the hardest thing to break.

What do I mean when I say "what's next"? It's simple.

Imagine a baby. Baby is just happy with milk. But the parents thinking the milk isn't enough will try and get the next best thing for baby. Out comes new improved formula. Excellent choice for growing baby.

baby lime sour reactions

Then baby needs solid food. Simple food like mashed potato or baby rice isn't enough. Out comes different flavoured baby food. excellent for blah blah blah.

But watch the baby. Baby will spit it out. parent will try again. And again. Until baby gets used to the new flavour and get the hang of it. Then another flavour gets introduced. I'm gonna move on but keep this little nugget in mind.

Toys! Baby needs toys to stimulate brain development. Out comes a colourful, musical toy that can probably turn into "The Terminator" if it wanted to. But baby was more interested in the box the toy was in. parent sighs and try again (and again) to introduce the toy to baby. Until baby pays attention to it and plays with it.

Baby will grow up doing just that. Eating and playing with the next best thing for them, according to the parents. Until they become an adult and do exactly what the parents did. Now don't be angry. I'm not saying the parents were wrong. I was that parent myself. I still am actually. Wanting the best for our children is what every parent wants and that's good.

My point, however, is that we have raised the bar for everything. Food, commodities, entertainment, everything! Simple things are just not enough most of the times. Because we had been raised that way. Our parents as well and their parents' parent before that.

Take me for example, I read a great book. I allow it to soak in and give me the feels. Then after a day or two, I want another book. Something greater than the one I just read.

"What's next?"

I eat something nice...what's next?
I go somewhere fun and exciting...what's next?

A friend recommended going back to nature. Go on a holiday with nature. Go off grid. Find yourself once again. That's good! I highly recommend it. It's good for the soul.

nature river mountain earth porn

But everyone knows eventually we all need to go back to the jungle we all live in. The world full of "what's next" because it's ingrained in us. It's part of our quest for survival.

I look at my kids. They're both autistic. Both happy with simple needs. I what do I do? I introduce the best things I can think of for them to help stimulate their mental growth. They now have everything technology can offer. They go on exciting places to stimulate their senses.

And now they turn to me and ask "what's next?"

Actually, that is good because that means we've managed to stimulate their senses and helped them be aware of their surroundings so when they grow up, they know how to live in this crazy world we live in.

But think about this: autism is becoming almost like a norm. more and more kids are being diagnosed with it. No known cause. Thousands of theories. But what if this is just nature's way of weeding out the constant need for human's addiction? Are they the next species? Simple needs. #theoryofevolution

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Anyway, back to the topic, if I had a topic at all. no matter what I do, I would always look for and find the next "best" thing...or even "better" thing (let's be realistic here) because it's an addiction of mine.

Is it yours too?

Is it too late for me? I'm doomed like this until the day I die? What happens after that?


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So, if I get reincarnated, I want to be like Dory. And just keep swimming and being surprised to see a castle in the bowl with me.

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  1. This is a heartfelt piece, CC. I'd love to discuss it more with you sometime. And by the way, you're a fabulous writer and human being!

    1. Aww, thank you Cranky! glad you liked it :) The ramblings of a silly girl ;)