Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to my BlogSpot!

My first book "DREAMWEAVERS" from the Dreamweavers Series will be released soon by Blue Tulip Publishing. I'm very excited about it because it's like a dream come true for me!

Dreamweavers started out from a dream I had one night. I get very vivid dreams. (Do you?) One morning I woke up from a dream and wondered who the people in my dream were. Why were they there? Why did I dream about them? Why were they with me? Then the beginnings of the story started forming in my head.

Until such time the entire Realm came to life and populated by the dreamweavers, harvesters and pilots alike. Anima, my main character was born. Her journey formed and grew and grew until it was too much for my little head to contain so I was forced to write them all down.

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